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Criminal Justice Law Enforcement-Advanced Standing Certificate

Certificate Number 905044

The Criminal Justice Law Enforcement-Advanced Standing Certificate is designed for individuals who are seeking certifiability as a Law Enforcement Officer. The courses in this certificate will meet the Law Enforcement certifiability criteria set forth by Wisconsin Department of Justice - Training and Standards Bureau along with classes identified in the Associate Degree Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement program. In addition this certificate contains coursework which enhances employability.

Certificate Completers will be able to

. Meet the entry requirements for: Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, DNR Officer.


Students must obtain a "C" or better in all certificate classes.

Requirements for Certificate Entry:

. Requires a minimum of 12 core credits from the Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Program. Student folders must be complete prior to enrolling in this certificate.


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-504-158 Driving Operations
10-504-176 Law Enforcement Internship
10-504-128 Public Safety - Job Interviews
10-504-182 Police Traffic Radar
10-504-157 Scenario Assessment
10-504-173 Tactical Operations

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-504-158 Driving interdisciplinary course covering SFST, Vehicle Contacts and EVOC skills. The learner will develop skills in traffic operations and emergency driving. (Prerequisites: 10-504-173, Tactical Operations; 10-504-908, Traffic Theory; 10-504-903, Professional Communications)

10-504-176 Law Enforcement Internship..."hands-on" law enforcement phases, monitored by an agency-approved police officer and college instructor. (Corequisite: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice)

10-504-128 PS-Job Interviews & Resume Wri... Students will learn about the criminal justice hiring process from application and resume writing, oral interviews and the background investigation. (Corequisite: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice)

10-504-182 Police Traffic Radar...radar speed and enforcement, history and theory, stationary operation, moving operation, anomalies, visual speed and range determination, case law, field exercises, moot court, testimony/demeanor, and operation. (Prerequisite: 10-504-158, Driving Operations)

10-504-157 Scenario Assessment...a capstone course to assess the learner’s cumulative knowledge through the use of scenarios. (Prerequisites: 10-504-176, Law Enforcement Internship; 10-504-128, PS-Job Interviews & Resume Writing; 10-504-182, Police Traffic Radar; 10-504-173, Tactical Operations; 10-504-158, Driving Operations; all 10-504-9XX courses and 10-531-101, Emergency Response from the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement associate degree program)

10-504-173 Tactical Operations...combines basic Defensive and Arrest Tactics, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), Firearms, Long Gun Familiarization, Intro to Taser, Deadly Force and Integrated Use of Force to meet the mandated requirements of the State of Wisconsin for Law Enforcement Officer certification. (Prerequisites: 10-504-901, Constitutional Law; 10-504-128, PS-Job Interviews & Resume Writing; 30 credits from the Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Program; CBC and student folder completion)

For more information, please contact: The Public Safety Department,(920) 498-5485 or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 5485,or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.