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AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) Certificate

Certificate Number 905501

The AODA Certificate is designed for individuals interested in becoming licensed to provide AODA counseling to people, or improving their skills in providing AODA counseling. All hours required by the Department of Regulations and Licensing are included in all content areas. It is also designed to assist individuals working in service occupations, to identify substance abuse problems and provide guidance to people who have AODA issues. Completion of this certificate can be applied to the AODA (Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse) Associate Degree offered at Northcentral Technical College.

Certificate Completers will be able to

. This certificate provides a good foundation for learners who will be working with people in any capacity. Focus is on the impact of substance abuse on both the individual and society, identification of substances and AODA, facilitating engagement with individuals and groups, and the physical and psychological pathology associated with AODA.


. We are an approved Comprehensive 360-hour program through the State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety and Professional Services. We follow the Substance Abuse Counselor education requirements of SPS 166.03 and 166.09.

Consideration is made for transfer of credit for the Introduction to Counseling Theory, and Methods of AODA Counseling classes from graduate programs. To be considered, the program director must review the student’s official transcript(s) and course competencies in order to profess to the competency of each individual in 90 hours of the 360 hours. Please note that additional transfer of credit requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-550-177 AODA Assessment and Diagnosis
10-550-176 Ethical AODA Case/Record Mgmt
10-550-172 Group Facilitation
10-550-178 Intro to Counseling
10-550-179 Methods of AODA Counseling
10-550-174 Overview of Mental Disorders
10-550-175 Personal and Professional Dev
10-550-173 Psychopharmacology
10-550-170 Understanding Substance Abuse

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-550-177 AODA Assessment and Diagnosis...learners develop a working knowledge of gathering and interpreting information used in forming diagnoses based on the criteria in the DSM-IV TR. Learners will explore various diagnostic tools and determine the level of care utilizing the Wisconsin UPC. (Prerequisite: 10-550-170, Understanding Substance Abuse.)

10-550-176 Ethical AODA Case/Record Mgmt...covers ethical case management, coordination of integrative services for AODA clients and the accurate management of treatment records. (Prerequisite: 10-550-178, Intro to Counseling.)

10-550-172 Group Facilitation... Learners are introduced to group counseling techniques such as facilitating the process of forming a group, determining group type, purpose, size, leadership, establishing goals and clarifying group rules. (Prerequisite: 10-550-178, Intro to Counseling.)

10-550-178 Intro to Counseling...learners are introduced to the basic counseling skills and will begin to examine the counseling theories utilized in the human services professions.

10-550-179 Methods of AODA Counseling...learners are introduced to a number of counseling theories and techniques that can be utilized in the human services profession. The theories will be explored in relation to substance abuse counseling. (Prerequisite: 10-550-178, Intro to Counseling)

10-550-174 Overview of Mental Disorders... Learners will be introduced to the symptomology and etiology and classification of psychiatric disorders and treatment.

10-550-175 Personal and Professional Dev...this course will introduce the personal and professional qualities and responsibilities AODA counselors should incorporate into their practice. Learners will clarify personal values and beliefs while examining their strengths and weaknesses. The course content will include ethical issues surrounding substance abuse counseling.

10-550-173 Psychopharmacology... Learners will be introduced to the basic concepts of psychopharmacology and the function of the organs and systems of the human body and brain.

10-550-170 Understanding Substance Abuse... a holistic approach including epidemiology, etiology and definitions; prevention and treatment, social and health care institutions and resource agencies and ethics and legal issues in the helping profession with a focus on self-attitudes, values and goals.

For more information, please contact: The Public Safety Department,(920) 498-5485 or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 5485,or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.