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 Plumbing Apprenticeship

The Plumbing Section of the Department of Workforce Development licenses
all plumbers in Wisconsin. Plumbing apprentices fall under the jurisdiction of apprenticeship law and rules plus plumbing law and codes.

A plumber assembles, installs and repairs pipes, fittings and fixtures for sanitary, heating and drainage systems (in Wisconsin such work must be in accordance
with the state plumbing code); installs fixtures and all plumbing apparatus and
is able to maintain and repair fixtures and plumbing apparatus.

Trades Covered:



  • Education: High school graduate or GED® (submit copy)
  • Age: 18 or high school graduate at 17, no maximum
  • Test: Assessment math and reading tests at NWTC
  • Accuplacer Bench Marks:  Arithmetic - 66, Reading/Comp - 66, Algebra - 33
  • License: Valid driver's license (submit copy)
  • Completed application


Length of Contract

  • 5 years of not less than 8,000 hours
  • On-the-job training (OJT) - 7,600 hours of work with a skilled craftsperson as per Exhibit "A"
  • Paid-Related Instruction (Day) - 500 hours and successful completion of class material
  • Non-Paid Related Instruction (Night) - 260 hours (80% attendance of each class to receive credit)
(Example: First Aid/CPR; OSHA; Adv. Blueprint Reading; Transit & Level; Pipefitter Welding)

contact information

Jeanne Pecho

Apprenticeship Administrative Assistant
(920) 498-5682 - (800) 422-NWTC, ext 5682 - email Jeanne 

To apply for this apprenticeship, please contact:

Judy Rodencal at (920) 734-3148