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 Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to the program?

Go to

Do I apply to both NWTC and NTC?

No, you only apply to Northcentral Technical College.

  1. For an online application, go to
  2. For a paper application, send an Email to or you may call (715) 675-3331.

Caution!  There are two Human Services Associate Degree Programs

  1. When you get to the Website, go to Programs and Courses.
  2. Next, check Associate Degrees.
  3. Then, choose “Human Services Associate Degree AODA – NTC/NWTC”  as your program of choice.
  4. Do not choose the Human Services Associate Degree Program; choose only the Human Services Associate Degree – AODA.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $30.00 non-refundable application fee.

Can I get an application fee waiver?

  1. Yes, you can get an application fee waiver, but you must first provide proof that you are getting some kind of aid, such as: Badger Care, food stamps, and etcetera.
  2. Make a copy of the aid, and attach it to your paper application. Send both documents directly to Northcentral Technical College along with your paper application.
  3. Mail paper application to: NTC Admissions Office ~1000 West Campus Drive ~ Wausau, WI 54401
  4. The college does not give a fee waiver for an online application.

Do I need to provide high school transcripts?

High school transcripts are not required for acceptance into this program, but may be used to show proof of prerequisites. High school transcripts may also contain ACT or Accuplacer scores taken while in high school, and may meet testing requirements if taken within the last five years.

Should I include college transcripts?

If applicable, include your college transcripts.

Will I be required to complete a background check?

  1. Yes, a background check is required. Background Information Disclosure Form (BID) may be found at:
  2. Note:  You will submit this free form with your application.

Testing: Should I take the Accuplacer or the TABE?  If I need to take the TABE, which version do I take?

  1. You must first take the Accuplacer.
  2. Accuplacer mandatory scores:   Math 47, Reading 80, Sentence Skills 86
  3. ACT mandatory scores:  Math 18, Reading 18, Sentence Skills 18
  4. Remediation: If you score below requirements on any portion of the ACT or Accuplacer, you will need to complete Remediation with the NWTC Academic Skills Lab or a similar service at another college. Questions regarding Remediation and how to complete it can be directed to (920) 498-5686.
  5. TABE D: testing for remediation: When you are ready to test again, you will need to take the TABE D. Make sure to let the Assessment Center staff know that you are testing for the Human Services AODA shared program. NWTC uses the TABE A, but NTC requires the TABE D.
  6. TABE required scores are: Math 9.1, Reading & Sentences Skills 12.0

Will I receive my financial aid from NTC or NWTC?

Northcentral Technical College will manage your financial aid. Their school code is 005387. Use this code when completing the FAFSA. Students are also eligible for NTC scholarships. Contact their financial aid office for scholarship information.

Once I apply, how long will it take for my application to be processed?

It will take between five (5) and seven (7) business days to process your application. Northcentral Technical College will send you an acceptance letter once you have been admitted into the program.

I understand there is only a fall start for students in the shared program; can I take classes as a pre-program student?

Yes. As a pre-program student, you may start taking classes. Your advisor will let you know which classes you can start taking.

Can I get financial aid as a pre-program student?

Yes, as a pre-program student, you are eligible for financial aid.

If my financial aid is not available when classes start, does NTC have a payment plan?

Yes, NTC offers a payment plan. They use the FACTS for payment plan. Information and a link can be found at

Can I charge my books to my student account?

Yes, you may charge your books to your account if you have anticipated aid on your account. For more information go to:

I already have a degree. Should I still apply to the Human Services Program at NTC?

No, you should put in an application to NWTC for the AODA Certificate. The following criteria are required for licensure: an educational background in human services related areas such as, but not limited to social work or criminal justice.

ALL AODA program students should apply for the certificate also.

I have already had some of the course work in the AODA certificate? Can I have those courses waived?

No. You must earn 25% of credits at NWTC before you are granted a degree or certificate (regardless of your educational background).

What is the job outlook for graduates of this program?

There is not a definitive answer to this question because there are so many variables that impact any career. It is best to stop at the NWTC Career Center to gather information about the job outlook. The Career Center staff can give you access to online job sites that provide information about the future of this particular career field. The Career Center is located on the second floor of the Student Center Building, directly across from the Welcome Center.

You will be assisted in the job search during the program as well.

I have record. What are my chances of getting into the program, and getting a job?

This question can be answered by completing the Background Information Disclosure Form (BID).  It may be found at:  Please note: these cases are evaluated on an individual basis.

I understand that there is a mandatory field placement.  What are the requirements for field placement?

Field placement requirements:

1.            Prior to field placement, a physical/health updated immunization form and TB status must be completed; a field site may require it.

2.            A criminal background check will be conducted prior to field placement.

I want to be AODA certified. Will completion of this program help me get certification?

Yes, the NWTC, AODA certificate is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.

Will I need to find an internship site, or does the program do this for me?

During the third (3rd) semester, you will take Field Experience I, and you will have assistance in finding an internship site.  Field Experience 2 is taken in the fourth (4th) semester.

What are the objectives of the field placement?

  1. To enable each student to gain additional insight into the occupation of his or her choice through meaningful experiences.
  2. To permit students to gain experiences more closely related to the needs of potential employers.
  3. To help students appreciate the need for supportive courses as they relate to their curriculum.
  4. To permit students to work in actual situations that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.
  5. To enable students to acquire experiences gained through actual customer and employee relationships.
  6. Develop responsibility and personal qualities such as dependability, organizational skills, good judgment, problem solving, and neatness.
  7. Develop qualities needed for successful business relationships such as courtesy, team strategies, and office politics.
  8. To develop a positive and confident self-image that comes from demonstrated effective performance on the job.

How many hours of field placement must be completed?

Students are scheduled for a minimum of 144 hours of simulated or actual occupational experience.  The specific dates and times of work, as well as number of work weeks, will be established by the agency and the intern.  Students also complete other learning experiences (learning activities and assessments) as part of the 3 credit course.

How do I arrange my field experience hours?

Students will schedule work hours around their required classroom attendance and at the request of their employer.  The typical intern will work approximately 9 hours per week.  Students may need to discuss limited time off from their work schedule during heavy class time or during finals.  They may also arrange for make-up time with their employers.  The interns are asked to call if they must be absent due to illness or an emergency.  Interns are expected to provide a written schedule to his/her agency to document when the intern will be at the agency.

Are there any suggested orientation activities?

The orientation to the internship site will be provided by the individual employer.  It is suggested that the supervisors thoroughly explain the student’s role.  The Training Agreement and Learning Plan should be reviewed and completed with the student.

The following is a list of topics that may be included in the orientation at the agency:

  • Tour of the business office area.
  • Introduction to the staff with whom the student will work.
  • Explanation of the work schedule.
  • Discussion of the dress code, grooming guidelines, and other related subjects.
  • Telephone etiquette that is followed in the office.
  • Procedure for requesting time off.
  • Policies regarding makeup work for all absences.
  • Procedures for calling in when ill or tardy.
  • The hours of work.
  • Time and length of breaks and lunch periods.
  • Discussion of policies regarding confidentiality. 

In addition to the above orientation suggestions, the supervisor is encouraged to apply the following procedures on a regular basis:

  • Demonstrate new equipment or provide training manuals which will assist the student in acquiring a usable skill in the equipment.
  • Overview each new project in which the intern will participate.
  • Encourage the intern to ask questions.  Have brief weekly or daily meetings between the supervisor and the intern so the intern understands what needs to be done.
  • Set the pace.  Indicate the expected completion date or time for each project.
  • Check on the work early.  Check on a new task after the first hour or so to be sure the intern understands what needs to be done.
  • Set quality standards.  Stress the importance of proofreading and quality work.
  • Give feedback.  Specific comments/compliments give the intern a sense of accomplishment.


Is liability insurance provided?

NWTC provides liability insurance for students when they are enrolled in the Field 1 and Field 2 classes.

Do I need to complete my field placement in Brown County?

No, you do not.  We have several agencies that we work with for field placements. 

Is the field placement paid?

Usually field placements for the Human Services program are unpaid.  

Does the agency receive a stipend for taking an intern?

Not at this time.

Do the field placement classes transfer to four year colleges?

The field experience classes may transfer to a four year college. You will need to check with the specific college you are interested in attending.

What do I do if I start completing my field hours and realize that it is not a good fit or if I have a life complication that makes completing the Field 1 or Field 2 class difficult?

Please maintain active, current contact with the teacher of your class and your agency supervisor.  We want to help, but need to know from you what help you need.

When is the Field Experience Application due?

All applications for Field 1 and Field 2 must be mailed so that they are postmarked. Applications must be postmarked no later than the following dates to be considered for field placement:

  • October 1 for Spring Term Field 1 or Field 2 placement
  • March 1 for Summer Term Field 1 or Field 2 placement
  • May 1 for Fall Term Field 1 or Field 2 placement


What classes are required prior to completing the Field 1 and Field 2 classes?

Prior to taking either Field 1 or Field 2, students must complete the following courses with a passing grade of at least a "C"

  • Introduction to Counseling               Catalog Number      10.520.115  
  • Ethics for Helping Profession          Catalog Number      10.520.102
  • Methods of Social Casework           Catalog Number      10.520.108