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 Tactical House

NWTC’s Tactical House is the only community-owned facility in the Midwest that unites all facets of corrections, EMS, fire, law enforcement, military and public safety into one education and training complex.

The Tactical House features fully moveable walls and doors and other interior design features, to create ever-changing opportunities for cover —and for hidden danger. This helps the Tactical Training Facility replicate the high stress and uncertainty of real-world public safety challenges.

Officers practice for a variety of real-world situations, ranging from drug busts and hostage situations to active shooters.

Features include:

  • Movable interior walls and furnishings so that participants will always face an unfamiliar environment inside the complex. The interior size is approximately 9000 square feet of training space on three levels which allows for many training sessions to be simultaneously occurring.
  • 22 cameras which can be placed at 40 vantage points (depending on the scenario) to record student actions for observation and later review. This also allows for immediate critique during the training day as students not involved with the scenario can observe in real time within the classroom.
  • Individual Taser Axon video headset recording systems allow the trainee to record their entire training session for post training review and report writing.
  • A fully-functional arrest intake facility, complete with Digital Imaging Fingerprint System, to allow learners to replicate the entire arrest process.
  • A fully operational Sally port with garage door opener and firearm lock boxes.
  • A diverse selection of safety equipment to allow for all levels of Force on Force training scenarios and isolation exercises.
  • Weapon systems for marking cartridge training which includes both handgun and long gun options.
  • Interior and exterior staircases of unique stair counts and corridor width variances and platforms.
  • NWTC provides training designed exclusively to help security managers and associates meet the growing challenges facing the security industry today.

Corrections Training

The basement of the Tactical House is a fully-equipped four-pod jail facility. There, new and experienced corrections officers will learn the newest and best practices in booking, emergency response and maintenance of inmates.

It is one of the few facilities in the world that replicates the entire control process — from the beginning of the call (approach), through its resolutions (interventions), to jail (follow-through protocol) if necessary.
Tactical House photo