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 Conventional Live Fire, and                                        Multi-media Live Fire Simulation Ranges

A vital national resource designed for hometown training

The College’s Range 3000 trains officers to de-escalate high-stress confrontations and determine with split-second timing when deadly force is required. Officers use their service weapons and live ammunition.

Security Training

The College provides basic security training, in-service training, management and supervisory training and specialized training.  Integrated training opportunities are designed to enhance the skills of the security professional.

Simulation training and live fire are integrated to allow for effective training.  This training experience enhances an officer’s judgmental skills.  Enhanced skills allow officers to be safer on the street.

NWTC has trained thousands of officers from all over the country with simulation systems.  The College has continually upgraded equipment to ensure that officers are trained for the ever-changing environment that they must work in.

  • A portable multi-media system that simulates structural fires and hazmat incidents.
  • Simulation-based instruction so that participants learn by doing in as realistic an environment as possible.
  • Simunition Weapon Technology to train officers in making appropriate decisions when deadly force is the only option.
  • Scenario-based learning to train first responders to coordinate the knowledge and resources of each public safety specialty.