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 New Academic Programs

Get the skills employers want with the latest NWTC programs.

Launch your career with one of NWTC’s new degree and diploma programs. All NWTC programs are developed with business and industry input. That means you’ll get the hands-on experience employers look for.

Coming soon!


Business Analyst Associate Degree  ​

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now!

Business analysts are vital links of an organization - clearly communicating key information such as business structure, policies, and operations to stakeholders. Whether you want a career change or a way to expand your marketable skills, the Business Analyst degree could be the key to your success!

Contact: Kim Pigeon, or 920-498-5551

Therapeutic Massage Technical Diploma

Starts May 2015 - Apply Now! 

If you're interested in becoming a licensed massage therapist, or are a health care professional looking to enhance your range of clinical skills and knowledge, this program may be the perfect fit. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the human body and a high degree of professional technical skill with an emphasis on personal and professional development, increased self-awareness, and sensitivity. Career opportunities for licensed massage therapists exist in sports clinics, salons, spas, wellness or other health care centers, or as an entrepreneur.

Contact Chelsey Burke, or 920-498-6822

Digital Marketing Technical Diploma

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now!

Marketing is changing rapidly in a world where technological advances are made on a daily basis. Industry leaders are now looking for marketing professionals that can take their businesses to new levels utilizing emerging technology. As a graduate of the Digital Marketing emphasis you will gain valuable insights into online marketing strategies, content development, analyzing metrics, and how all this fits into your integrated marketing plan. Careers may include digital marketing coordinator, social media specialist, community manager, online content coordinator, ecommerce marketing specialist and digital marketing analyst.

For information, call 920-498-5444; toll-free: 888-385-6982.

Professional Sales Technical Diploma

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now!

Professional salespeople understand that approach strategies, determining needs, presenting solutions, negotiating concerns and closing the sale are all essential steps of the selling process.  Additionally, adhering to the highest of ethical standards is an essential part of becoming a sales professional.  Graduates with this emphasis or technical diploma can work in the area of business to business, business to consumer, or business to government sales.  They can work as a field sales representative, sales support, inside or outside sales person.  Additionally entrepreneurs that understand how to sell have a distinct advantage within their industry.

For information, call 920-498-5444; toll-free: 888-385-6982.

Criminal Justice Professional Studies Associate Degree

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now!

Jump start your career in Criminal Justice! This program will instill various aspects of criminal justice careers including law, security, loss prevention, and investigations. In addition, you will gain experience with emergency dispatch, communications, report writing and forensics. Graduates will have the foundation for professions in criminal justice as well as provide opportunities for transfer to higher credentials.

For information, call 920-498-5444; toll-free: 888-385-6982. 

Medical Coding Technical Diploma

Starts September 2015 -Apply Now!

Medical Coding is designed to prepare students for employment in all types of health care organizations, insurance companies, or government agencies associated with medical coding, reimbursement, health services research, and health care planning. All credits from this technical diploma can be applied to the Health Information Technology associate degree.

For information, call 920-498-5444; toll-free: 888-385-6982.

Automotive Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now!

As an automotive maintenance technician, you’ll diagnose vehicle malfunctions, perform basic appropriate repairs, and recommend/conduct regular vehicle maintenance. With additional coursework graduates of this technical diploma can ladder into a two-year technical diploma or AAS degree in the automotive field. This one-year, technical diploma program is ASE Certified to National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation Standards and is offered on our Marinette campus.  This program is pending state approval.

For information, call 920-498-5444; toll-free: 888-385-6982.

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Associate Associate Degree

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now!

To succeed in the AODA profession, your skills and character must include the following: emotional stability, maturity, self-awareness, self-discipline, and personal responsibility; a minimum of one year free of substance use related problems; an interest in working with people and appreciation of cultural diversity; strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.  Potential employment includes substance abuse counseling, correctional facilities, employee and student assistance programs, and various community and social service agencies. Program graduates are eligible for licensure in Wisconsin as substance abuse counselors-in-training, qualifying for entry-level employment in a rewarding career.

A Northcentral Technical College program offered at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. For more information, call toll-free: 888-682-7144.

Human Services Associate Degree

Starts September 2015 - Apply Now! 

This program trains people to provide education, support, care, advocacy, and/or crisis intervention in a human service agency. Learners acquire the skills needed to work with individuals, groups, and communities. Key components of this degree include cultural awareness and an understanding of diverse cultural groups, a responsible attitude, commitment to serve others, and effective communications skills. Students will gain occupational experience through Internship 1 and Internship 2.  

A Northcentral Technical College program offered at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. For information, call toll-free: 888-682-7144.

More New Programs

IT - Software Developer Associate Degree

Started September 2014 – Apply Now

This 2-year Associate Degree program can be your launching pad to a high paying career in a rapidly expanding field. Students in this program will learn to design, develop and test in leading programming languages (HTML, CSS, C#, Java, ASP, SQL), plus learn about Agile development, database and web development, mobile applications, and analysis and design. With the skills learned in this program, you’ll  have the ability to find a flexible career in a field in a high demand field with tremendous potential for growth.

Contact: Julie Ebben-Matzke, or 920-498-5478 

Manufacturing Operations Management Associate Degree

Starts September 2014 - Apply Now 

Want to take your manufacturing career further? Turn to our new Associate Degree program designed by local industry leaders.  You’ll learn critical information relating to supply chain, automation, quality, lean manufacturing and supervisory skills to help you transition into a leadership role. And with our flexible course scheduling options, you’ll be able to earn your degree while working full time. 

Contact: Suzanne Cravillion, or 920-498-5435

Construction Technology Associate Degree

Started September 2014 - Apply Now

Customize your construction technology career by choosing the area of emphasis that's right for you - structural, electrical, or mechanical systems - and gain entry-level skills. Plus, you'll obtain skills in project management, lean operations, and sustainable building practices which, with experience, may lead to a management position. Credits from the Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems, and Structural Systems technical diplomas can be applied to this associate degree program.

Contact: Jeanne Pecho, or 920-498-5682

Mechanical Systems Technical Diploma

Started September 2014  - Apply Now

Mechanical Systems provides students with the introductory skills necessary to begin a career in the mechanical construction field. Students will acquire the entry-level skills (alignment, rigging, bearings, plumbing, and power transmission) necessary to become a successful technician. Credits from this program transfer to the Construction Technology associate degree.

Contact: Jeanne Pecho, or 920-498-5682

Structural Systems Technical Diploma

Started September 2014 - Apply Now

As a graduate of this one-year program, you'll have entry-level skills in the structural elements of the construction field. You'll be prepared to enter the construction field as a carpenter, mason, or concrete worker. You'll be ready to help build the body of a building. Credits from this program transfer to the Construction Technology associate degree.

Contact: Jeanne Pecho, or 920-498-5682 

Fire Medic Associate Degree 

Started September 2014 - Apply Now

The graduate of the Fire Medic program is cross-trained in fire/protection suppression and emergency medical services (EMS) at the advanced life support (ALS)/paramedic level. The fire medic is assigned primarily to fire-based EMS agencies (e.g., airport public safety departments, industrial fire/safety teams, rural and urban fire departments). The fire medic is trained to respond to out-of-hospital medical/trauma emergencies, fire or HAZMAT emergencies, mass casualty incidents and/or special rescue operations in a community served by a full-time fire department.

Contact: Angie Blasier, or 920-498-6420

Fire Science Technical Diploma

Started September 2014 - Apply Now 

Prepare for your future in firefighting with this 16-credit, two-semester program. You will learn basic fire behavior, techniques used to control structural and related fire emergencies, and life safety practices. Program grads will be prepared for paid on-call/volunteer firefighting positions. Career firefighters will need licensure in Wisconsin-approved Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedic programs.

The Fire Science technical diploma ladders into the Fire Medic associate degree program.

Contact: Lea Krueger, or 920-498-6920 

Wellness and Health Promotion Associate Degree 

Started January 2014 - Apply Now! 

For you, wellness is a way of life. What if you could motivate others to make healthy choices and improve their well-being? And earn a living doing what you love? Graduates of this associate degree are prepared to work as prevention and interventional wellness professionals. Careers in this field include wellness coach, fitness trainer, and massage therapist. 

Learn more! Call 920-498-6822 ​​

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