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 We're going Google for email, document sharing and more!

Register for any NWTC credit class to get special Gmail, Calendar, Google Talk and Google Drive accounts--all approved for NWTC use!

Starting June 1, 2013, NWTC will adopt several Google Apps for Education—including Gmail for all student email accounts. NWTC will also support Google Calendar, Contacts and Drive to help students collaborate and organize.

You will get…

  • Gmail: Your MyMail account will become a Google Apps for Education Gmail account—simpler and faster than the old MyMail, and without the ads of regular Gmail.
  • Mobile access: Gmail and other Google apps work on smartphones, tablets, netbooks and other devices (plus laptops and desktops).
  • More storage: Each student will get lots of space (25G for email and 5G for Google Drive).
  • Plus: Google Calendar, Contacts, Google Talk and Google Drive (the new Google Docs) will be included in NWTC’s Google Apps for Education.

Learn more about using Google Apps for Education


Gmail NWTCMail Q&A

Logging in and logging out

How do I log in?

  • From an NWTC computer, once you log in with your NWTC credentials, you can click any student email link (for example, on the NWTC home page under "Quick Links" or under "Current Students").
  • From any other computer or device, go to and log in with your NWTC credentials.

What is my e-mail address?
A student email address is usually: firstname.lastn​

What is my password?
It is the same as your NWTC password. If you have never logged onto an NWTC account, go to My.NWTC and click "Create/Activate My Account."

What if I have forgotten my password?
Instructions on how to Change Password.

Change Password - Note: Changing your password changes ALL passwords including Network, My.NWTC (Portal), Email, Blackboard).

You can also press Ctrl+Alt+Del from a campus computer, then choose “Change a password” Contact the Help Desk at 920-498-6900 or toll-free at 800-422-NWTC ext. 6900.


How do I log out?
It is VERY IMPORTANT to log out of your accounts at NWTC, including Gmail. (Don't just close the window.) At the top of your Gmail screen, click the down arrow next to your email address. Click Sign Out. Close that window.

Can I access my email from my mobile device?
Yes, you can now access your email from any device, including Android, iPad, and iPhone using the GMail App.

Android instructions
iPad/iPhone instructions

Remember, even if you have an existing GMail account associated with your device, you can easily add an additional account via the options within the GMail App.

Other questions

What if I already have a Gmail account?
You can connect the two accounts so that you can check your personal Gmail and your NWTC Student Email with one login. In the upper right corner of your Gmail screen, next to your username, click the down arrow and choose "Add Account."

I am getting an error message that I am "using an unsupported browser". What should I do?
Google services (GMail, Google Drive, Google Search, etc.) now require Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or above for optimal use. If you are using IE 8 or lower, it will prompt you with this message. If possible you may need to upgrade your version of IE, or alternatively install the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; both are currently supported by Google.

Can I redirect my personal email so it appears in my NWTC e-mail account?
Yes. Instructions are on the Google web site.

May I use my NWTCMail for personal as well as college communications?
Yes! As long as the communication doesn't violate the law or College policy, feel free. However, students are asked not to use personal (non-NWTC) accounts for college communication. Please always use your NWTC Gmail account for that.

Will we be able to keep our NWTC Gmail account after graduation?
Yes. Student email accounts remain active for at least one year after graduation.

How do I make my account more secure?
Always log out of Google when you are using a public computer. If you close the browser window without logging out, the next person who uses the computer may see your account.

Will the accounts be protected from spam?
Yes. In addition, please use common sense if a suspicious-looking message gets through.

Will Wisconsin TechConnect email messages about job openings arrive in the new inbox?
Student email addresses will remain the same, so all email that would have come to your MyMail account is expected to appear in your new inbox.

Will students who are graduating in May 2013 get a Gmail account?
Yes. All student email accounts remain active for one year after the student stops attending NWTC, and the old accounts will be inactive, so new grads get Gmail.

Where do I find my instructor's e-mail address?
Look for the search window on your my.NWTC home page.
If the sender is, it is an e-mail from a staff member. Do not reply to this e-mail, rather contact staff directly.

Where is the Student e-mail policy?
You can find the policy on the NWTC web site under About Us > IIT or here.


For more information about using your NWTC e-mail account, click the Help link on the NWTC Mail login page.

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